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Wireless security systems

Wireless security systems

Wireless Intruder Alarm systems are a great security solution for your home, business or other premises. Because the system is Wireless, obviously no wiring needs to be done.

This means that no floorboards or ceiling boards need to be lifted up, so there’s no need to disrupt the general fabric of your premises by running wiring through the building. Disruption to day-to-day business and operations whilst the Wireless Security System is being fitted is minimal, and can even be done outside of normal office hours.

Wireless Security Systems typically consist of a very small control panel and the system is operated by RFID key fobs. The System is self-monitoring and staff entry data can be accessed remotely via smartphone, tablet or computer over the internet, anywhere in the world.

The Wireless Security System’s sirens are triggered by peripheral detector units, in the form of Movement Detection PIR Sensors, Vibration Detectors, Door and Window Contacts, Panic Buttons, Smoke Detectors, DualTech Sensors, Shock Sensors, Door Contacts, and Remote Smart Keys etc.

Although highly sensitive, Movement Detection PIR Sensors can be configured to not trigger an alarm when a small animal such as a cat or a fox moves across the detector field, preventing spurious alarm events and unnecessary disruption and worry. The Wireless Security System can be connected to an auto dialler, contacting up to three different key holders when the alarm is triggered by an actual trespasser, intruder or burglar.

Wireless Security Systems are particularly effective when combined with CCTV Security Systems and Security Lighting, both for Domestic and Residential properties and Business and Commercial premises.

Texecom Ricochet wireless alarm system

A Texecom Ricochet system can be fully designed and professionally installed to adapt to your lifestyle, controlled by remote keypad or remote control SmartKey making the system really simple to operate. Feature packed and fully expandable, this system accepts a variety of wireless devices such as; PIR Sensors, DualTech Sensors, Shock Sensors, Door Contacts, Panic Button, Smoke Detectors and Remote Smart Keys.

The Premier Ricochet wireless system is fully future proof and totally expandable. Wireless systems start from as little as 8 zones and can be further expanded up to a maximum of 64 wireless devices onto the system.

Ricochet wireless uses the very latest state of the art technology, the system constantly monitors itself and the detection devices for signal, reliability and performance.

Texecom Wireless Security have produced a next generation wireless security solution that protects against intruders no matter how large or complex your building. As well as the usual benefits of wireless alarms, ease and speed of installation and no damage to the property during installation.

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