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Should You Change Your Access Control System?

The technologies behind physical access control are constantly updating and improving. Smart card technology is still the most common as it meets the needs of many organisations. However the steady stream of technological advances in access control means there are many new options available.

With technologies eolving organisations can choose technology that fits their needs in the foreseeable future and plan upgrades as part of a coordinated strategy.

System Compromised

If you’ve recently experienced a security breach, you already know the headache that comes with taking inventory of stock, filing insurance claims, and identifying how the breach happened. On top of all of that, your reputation may also suffer if sensitive data was compromised.

Consider following through on some data breach best practices in these situations. Identify the failures of your current system, and consider bringing in an access control expert to help you assess what happened and what must change to prevent recurrence in the future.

The most foolproof way to do this is to upgrade your system and keep it updated. Technology is always evolving, but so are exploits—so take advantage of upgrades now before it’s too late.

Staff Changes

As new employees join, organisations may manage costs by purchasing additional cards that work with their old technology. Some organizations may also need to change cards due to a new logo or brand, which could be another reason to update the access control system.

You want to add another level of security

Protecting your company and employees is an ongoing job. There’s no such thing as a solution that you can simply install and leave. If you or your neighbouring properties have recently experienced a break-in, it’s especially important to step up the level of security. With the right access control system, you can ensure that only authorised people can gain access to your property.

Is it time?

Well, if you experience any one of the signs above then maybe it’s time to consider switching from your old access control system. After all, it’s the 21st Century and it’s time to embark on a 21st century access control system that would adapt intuitively to your modern needs.

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