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Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

Fire Alarms and Security Alarm systems are designed to protect your staff and business and commercial premises, and your family, home and possessions. To do this, its vitally important to keep your Alarm System in full good working order and test it regularly.

If an unidentified fault in your system allowed a fire, burglary or break-in to go undetected and undeterred, the consequences to your business, your employees, you and your family could be catastrophic and far-reaching.

“There’s no need to worry though, as we can give you peace of mind, offering a comprehensive maintenance package for all new and existing clients and customers.”

Its available for all makes and models of Fire Safety and Security Alarm systems, even for electrical systems previously installed by other companies.

Alarm System Servicing is carried out in accordance with the current European standards PD6662.

Our recommendation to all customers is that servicing is carried as follows:

All Monitored Alarm Systems All Alarm Systems with audible only, i.e. ‘Sirens Only’ or ‘Bells Only’ alarms, including auto dialler alarm systems

All servicing will be carried out during normal office hours, i.e. 8am to 5pm, in accordance with PD6662. However, different arrangements can be made by appointment to accommodate any special requirements.

The British Standard regulations state that fire alarms should be tested once a week by the designated responsible person or persons. This requirement appears under Article 17 of the 2005 Fire Order Safety Act.

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