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Access control

Access control

Installing Access Control systems at your premises or site is a positive step towards combating and preventing burglary, vandalism and unauthorised access to car parks. It allows you to control who enters your premises and at what times, plus what parts of the building or complex they can access.

Whether you want to restrict and control entrance onto your property, or protect assets in your office, reduce theft in your retail outlet or increase security measures in your factory, SMD Electrical offer multiple Access Control System solutions to choose from.

“We provide quality security equipment and our professional engineers ensure each installation conforms to the latest standards, every time.”

Access Control System solutions we’ve supplied include:

  • Contactless cards and Proximity key fobs
  • Audio and video intercoms, with features such as controlled door release

An integrated Access Control System is a versatile solution, both convenient and extremely flexible. A scalable integrated Access Control System can cope with changes in personnel or building layout and can be quickly updated as your organisation or business expands or evolves.

Access Control Systems don’t just protect the entrance and exit points of your main building. A comprehensive Access Control System can provide total security for your entire premises, including outbuildings, warehouses and storage areas for high value stock, garages and car parks.

Automated Access

If you’re looking to restrict unauthorised access to your business premises, car parks and grounds, automated entry is a great solution. An Automated Access System solution from SMD Electrical with gates, barriers and vehicle entry systems can be highly effective in the fight against theft, criminal damage and vandalism, and the unauthorised movement of goods.

Control access of vehicles into distribution warehouses, factories, flats and property developments, domestic driveways, offices and car parks with barriers, bollards, doors, shutters and sliding and hinged automated gates.

Automated Access Electronic Control System solutions include Digital coded keypads, proximity readers, radio control, intercom and RFID technology.

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