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Access Control Tunstall

Access Control Tunstall

What is Access Control? Access Control is simply the term given to controlling who has access to your premises, whether that’s your home, office, workshop, school and so on. However, these days Access Control is more generally understood to mean the systems and devices used, above and beyond a standard key operated lock, to restrict and or monitor access into and out of a building.

Whether you require a standalone solution for a single door entry point, or need a more comprehensive system that will control several doors and support a large number of users, there will be a need to build up your access control solution using a number of different parts. Depending on the specific security requirements for your premises, you may also need items like a push to exit button or a second reader meaning that both sides of the door are controlled.

An access control system is an effective way of securing your premises from unwanted guests and provides protection for your staff and assets. By controlling who is entering your premises, you have the reassurance of knowing who is on site and at what time.

Every companies security needs are different, so choosing a system that is right for you will depend on the size of your business and the number of people that will need access.

Access control systems include car park barriers and door entry systems and come with different levels of complexity from chipped access cards (or electronic keys) to digital access panels.

We install our access control systems in a wide variety of buildings including offices, shops, factories, hospitals, banks and unmanned sites.

SMD Electrical have a team of friendly access control engineers available to meet demand across Staffordshire & Cheshire Contact 01782 216911 for information or for a quotation.

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