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Access Control Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Access Control Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Need a security solution that can be tailored to your individual needs? Our access control systems are for you! In some buildings, complexes or businesses in Newcastle-Under-Lyme it’s essential that the correct security clearance is given to certain individuals and access control systems are the simple way to do this. We stock a range of different types, dependent on your needs, but all can be easily programmed to allow and restrict entry for individuals. There are numerous forms of access control. Biometric access control provides one of the most secure methods as the data captured through iris or fingerprint recognition is totally unique and cannot be replicated. This is commonly used in places where high security is required such as hospitals or banks. It also eliminates the need for keys or ID cards and cuts down on expenses associated with replacements. Other reliable methods include digital keypads, proximity systems, swipe and smart cards. Benefits of access control:
  • Simple operation
  • Quick and efficient
  • Simple set up
  • Low maintenance
  • Vandal proof

    Automated Access

    If you’re looking to restrict unauthorised access to your business premises, car parks and grounds, automated entry is a great solution. An Automated Access System solution from SMD Electrical with gates, barriers and vehicle entry systems can be highly effective in the fight against theft, criminal damage and vandalism, and the unauthorised movement of goods. All of our access control methods perform to the most superior standards, and our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced technicians ensure that they perform installations that guarantee flawless functionality. Control access of vehicles into distribution warehouses, factories, flats and property developments, domestic driveways, offices and car parks with barriers, bollards, doors, shutters and sliding and hinged automated gates. We also offer a range of systems that can be integrated with more sophisticated security alarm systems and CCTV products. From programming a CCTV camera to view an accessed door, or sending an alarm signal to a monitoring station where a door has been forced open.

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